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I am starting a new Wednesday Series today doing a poem. Most of the poems that you will see are my original works. My poetry covers the whole of human struggle. I have been an active poet since I was 16 years old. This one is pulled from the archives of 2004 on temptations. More after the poem:




A decision is set firm

In the depths of my mind

I go through life aware

Of what to set behind

I talk and preach

Of what I do not do

And say what others

Should not pursue

I live my life with

My mind on straight

And set out from the beginning

With what to hate

A passion burns

Within my heart

Of what I never

Wish to start

And I move in life

With a place to point

To a place where

I shall not disappoint

And that one thing

Stares me in the face

And without the strength of Christ

I’ll do what I distaste.

We all struggle with sin

We all have issues with sin.  I recall a case where I was talking to a child at summer camp that kept on misbehaving.  I asked him if he knew Jesus personally and frustrated, he said that he had prayed to receive Christ seven times.  I said to him that he does not need to pray to ‘receive’ Christ again, he has to work out his salvation in Christ.  That is, the fact that he is struggling with sin is a sign that you are saved.  Unregenerate people have no conscience of the tiny poke of sin in their mind.  This poem details that it is the power of Christ that keeps us from sin.  If we focus on Christ, we will decrease the likelihood of sin.  If we focus on the flesh, we increase our chances of sin.  Be strong and avoid sin.

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