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When are You a Christian? | Daily Walk 157

A long time ago, a movement called Easy-Believism ravaged the church, but today, it is sadly just assumed. This had led to many people being deceived that they are saved when their life shows no evidence of conversion. So what does it mean to be saved? Today we will talk about that. #Salvation #Easy-Believism #ReceivingChrist …


Bible Tracts: Good or Bad? | Daily Walk 156

Some people love to hand out Bible tracts while others do not like them. In this presentation, we talk about the pros and cons, the mistakes, and the baggage around tracts in general and the chick tracts specifically. #ChickTracts #Bible #Gospel —– Music Produced by Aaron Outfield Newsletter: I am an Author! Hezekiah’s …


Is KJV God’s Perfect English Translation? | Daily Walk 155

Some people suggest that the King James Version is the only correct Bible translation we have, even suggesting that it is heresy to read other versions. But is that true? On this video, we answer the question that was submitted to the website. #KJVOnly #BibleTranslations #Chick —– Music Produced by Aaron Outfield Newsletter: …


Do You Have a Crush on Jesus? | Daily Walk 154

A lot of modern churches talk a lot of ‘Loving Jesus’, but the messages they teach do not generally align with the teachings found in the Bible. So they all say they love Jesus, but is it love? Or is it just a crush? What is the difference? #Crush #LoveJesus #Church Adventures in Odyssey Lost …


Meekness vs Milquetoast | Daily Walk 153

Meekness vs Milquetoast The meek shall inherit the earth, but sadly, many Christians have seen out role as more milquetoast. We need to understand our power as Christians, but do not unleash that, being reserved instead. Today we will talk a little about this balance. #Meek #Milquetoast #Gospel -Matthew 5:5 -Titus 1:9 —– Music Produced …


Whom Do You Follow? | Daily Walk 152

Who do you really follow? King Joash only followed God while his leader was alive, did he make it to heaven? Once Jehoiada died, Joash walked away from God. Do we really follow Christ like we say we do? These are my thoughts. #Leader #Joash #TrueFaith -2 Chronicles 24:1-2 -2 Chronicles 24:15-16 -2 Chronicles 24:17-19 …


A New Online Gospel | Daily Walk 151

This video explains a trend I have seen in online preachers as I have watched a few more people preaching their services on the Internet. While the possibilities are endless for a spectrum of teaching, some of the more exciting Internet preachers are smelting the Word Faith Gospels with the Church Growth Model to produce …


Benefiting from Isolation | Daily Walk 150

In our current isolated world, I want to encourage everyone to use some of the extra tiem we have focusing on God. Do not use this as a vacation to play video games and binge-watch television shows. Spend some time learning from the Bible, in prayer, and most importantly, spend time teaching your kids the …


The Error of the Social Gospel | Daily Walk 149

The Social Gospel is taking over many modern churches who start to downplay the importance of doctrine. This aboration comes from an overcorrection of the error of spending too much emphasis on theology. A balanced life in Christ teaches a true Gospel, empowerd by doctrine, leading to Christian service. #SocialGospel #Theology #GoodWorks -Acts 4:8-12 -Ephesians …


When Grace Goes Too Far | Daily Walk 148

Hypergrace has been starting to gain some ground as many people are focusing too much on grace and focusing less on accountability and sanctification. While God calls us how we were, He has never desired us to stay in our old, sinful state. We are to move on, using Grace as a safety net, not …

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