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Josiah’s Sanctification

Why Is Sanctification Important?

This new book Josiah’s Sanctification will help you find out.

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More about Josiah’s Sanctification

Who is King Josiah

King Josiah inherited a kingdom in ruin and under God’s judgment. He heard a message of destruction from the true prophets and changed his ways, but quickly found out sincere faith is not enough! While cleaning idol worship out of his kingdom and placing the temple in order, the workers discovered the Book of the Law. When the words of the Law were read to Josiah, he humbled himself before God and started following the instructions in the book. Like Josiah, we are called to live by the instructions in the Bible. Sanctification is the process of becoming more like Christ by living by the Word. This book teaches us what King Josiah learned about being sanctified. At the end of this book you will know the importance of obeying the Bible and establish a plan to learn what God’s Word teaches us so we can put the teachings into practice.

What Can we Learn From Him

From Josiah, we can learn may life lessons and this first book of the Kings of All Creation series examines what we can learn through the Word. This study examines four key lessons:

  • Start Following God Where You Are
  • Rediscover the Bible
  • Learn to Hear from God
  • Transform Your Life

How to Read this Book

This book is written in an easy to read format and each point draws on the prior sections. The chapters can be read in about 10-20 minutes each for an average person, and they are full of history about Josiah and how to apply his life to our New Testament living. The book can be easily read in a single sitting, or over a week very reflectively. The final chapter gives some plans and strategies to put the contents of this book into place.

Kings of All Creation Series

This series was written to learn New Testament principles from Old Testament kings and prophets in a way that is easy to digest. The period of the kings contain rich lessons that are applicable for today. We will explain the lives of kings and prophets in a way anyone can understand. Join us as we look through the life of the kings to learn how to obey Christ in our lives today.

About Thomas Murosky

Thomas Murosky has a background in Science earning his Bachelors in Biochemistry and Doctorate in Molecular Toxicology. He has taught at Bucknell University and Western Wyoming Community College. While as a student and professor, Tom worked in several capacities as a children’s and youth worker having served the local CEF board, as a counselor for Christian camps, Awana programs, and other youth outreach including a decade of work in Big Brothers, Big Sisters of America.

He stepped aside from teaching and academics to work as a technology consultant to focus more time on writing, blogging, and video production in the area of Christian teaching with a focus on discipleship and sanctification. His first book, Testing and Temptations, is about how we are called to transform our lives to be like Christ in the process of Sanctification. His second book, The Art of Shallow Neighboring is parody book calling us to better Christian discernment in the books we read. His third book, I AM Not Amused calls for sober analysis of the media entertainment industry. In addition to these, Tom does videos on current Christian events and sound theology.

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