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The Gospel and Free Speech – Daily Walk 108

Our world is becoming increasingly hostile to ideas that are not in alignment with progressive thought, and that places the Gospel on the chopping block. We are commanded to go out into the world and preach the Gospel, and it is my contention that we need to stand for free speech so we have the …


Then They Came For the Christians – Daily Walk 77

A few months ago we talked about Alex Jones being deplatformed and now we have another case. These companies and people are being removed for their words, and in a world becoming hostile toward Christianity, it is only a matter of time before true Christians are also deplatformed. Let Ye be Warned! Music Produced by …


Alex Jones, Silicon Valley, and Bonheoffer – Daily Walk 66

Today we will talk about the issue of Alex Jones being removed from several platforms and what this could mean for anyone down the road. Bonhoeffer was put to death for this warnings and we need to heed them now from beyond the grave. Music Produced by Aaron Outfield Testing and Temptations: The …