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Base Bible Translation – Daily Walk 60

Today we will talk about the importance of having a home Bible translation to come back to for regular study. Reading other translations is also good, but select one as your main. Music Produced by Aaron Outfield Testing and Temptations: The Art of Shallow Neighboring: To contact us, please use the forms …


Bible Translations and Alphabet Soup – Daily Walk 10

There are over 115 English Bible translations. WHY!!!! In this video, I discuss my thoughts on the number of Bible translations that are available. I frequently am asked about what Bible I read and is x,y,or z a good translation. I seek to read a different translation every year, and I think that we have …


Filthy Cups

Back in our youth, I spent a lot of weekends at my brothers house since he lived very close to where I worked and my working hours were all clumped in the weekends.  I usually earned my keep by cleaning the house which included tackling the dirty dishes…and I think I was the only person …


NCV Bible Translation

I read any Bible translations that I can read.  I am frequently asked for my comments on translations, so here are my thoughts on the New Century Version or NCV The Bad The translation is a gender neutral which totally removes it from use for some people (I am referring to the people that think …