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Scripture Memorization – Daily Walk 6

Scripture Memorization – Daily Walk 6

We all tell our kids at church in Sunday School and evening programs to memorize scripture, but as a general trend in America, it is another place that we as Christian adults are not leading by example. In this daily walk, I talk about my key points in Bible memory.

I did mistakenly say that my blog has some resources on scripture memory. I was mistaken. I have some plans for those posts in the near future, but I was thinking on the posts I have on Bible reading, namely this post:

A few books that I have read on the topic are:
An Approach to Extended Scripture Memory by Andrew Davis
Speed Memory Techniques by Armando Elle
Scripture Memorization Made Easy by Leilani Charis

There may be better ones, but these were free or low cost on the Kindle and it is better to just experiment with what works best for you and o it rather than reading all of the theory, but those are good places to get a start.

With that…start hiding God’s Word in your heart so you may not sin against Him

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Testing and Temptations:
The Art of Shallow Neighboring:

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