Thank you for stopping by our support page.  Our Walk in Christ takes a significant amount of time to manage and maintain and any amount of help is beneficial.  Presently we are not a listed charitable organization so donations are not deductible, but picking up a book is a great way to support the project.

This page will let you know the various ways you are help support this project.  Please feel free to look around and consider the ways to help us.

Direct Support Sites


At Our Walk in Christ, we only select affiliates we believe in and have used in some way presently or in the past with positive results. We are contacted several times a week from companies wanting to offer us affiliate links, but rather than just signing up, we weigh the service, examine it, and make a choice based on our experience.

Sometimes our affiliates can let you down. We want to hear about those cases because if it becomes a trend we will re-evaluate a service, but just because one person has had a bad experience does not mean everyone has. At the end of the day, we do not send business to companies we have not investigated, so hopefully our affiliates will help you fulfill a need and in return, we get some channel support. We thank you for your support!