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Happy Hellidays

Learn the origins of our modern holidays and how to celebrate.

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Josiah's Sanctification

Learn the importance of sanctification from King Josiah

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Cross the Chasm

God created a way for you to be sure you will be in Heaven.

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The Right Path

God calls us as we are, but He expects our growth in Him.

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Never Again?

Seventy-six years ago, that portion of World War II that was fought in Europe closed with the Allied Forces’ invasion of Normandy and their relentless, though costly, march on Berlin. With the troops’ subsequent discovery of Hitler’s death camps, the world found itself face to face with genocide of colossal proportions: 11 million dead, more than six million of them Jews. To this unfathomable horror–and to the shocking news that some of the Christian community of Germany was complicit—the vow was voiced around the globe, “Never again!”


The Christian Persecution in America is coming. On this daily walk, I talk about some of the things that have been going on in recent weeks that mean fewer religious freedoms for us as Christians. Will you take a stand, or will you be compliant? Acts 4:13-22