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  • The Fruit of Goodness

    In our continuing study on the fruit of the spirit, we have come to goodness, which seems very related to kindness.  It is does differ however in that kindness is more passive, like a toleration of other people.  Goodness has an implication of strong moral character, the opposite of badness.  The character traits that would …
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The Art of Shallow Neighboring

The giveaway below begins November 9th.  I will be giving away 25 copies in the USA.  Sign up on Goodreads.  This is for the physical paperback.  You can buy a paperback or an ebook here or other marketplaces.

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The Art of Shallow Neighboring by Thomas Murosky

The Art of Shallow Neighboring

by Thomas Murosky

Giveaway ends December 15, 2017.

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