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I AM not amused

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Josiah's Sanctification

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Happy Hellidays

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The Right Path

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Who Was Saint Patrick?

While Patrick is associated with Ireland, he was actually from the British Isles, possibly the northern territories close to Scotland. The Isles were under Roman authority during his lifetime and taken together with Patrick’s writings, he was a proud Roman citizen, though it is not likely he had any direct experience with Rome. The British Isles were on the fringes of the empire leaving very few Roman soldiers stationed on the island making the area rife with raids from the surrounding countries.


Today we talk about the increase in crime, how Andrew Coumo will not be charged for the sexual mis-conduct, a group of gangsters were not charged for a gunfight in a residential neighborhood, and NYC will not prosecuting a lot of major crimes. If we, as a society, will not punish these criminals, God will see fit to judge our land. Herein we see the details. Nahum 2:1-2 Numbers 35:31-34 Deuteronomy 28:20-24