What Is Discipleship | Daily Walk 133

In this Daily Walk we will at what #discipleship is and why it is important for our #Christian life. We will discuss what it is, what it is not, and why the Western church is not very good at it.

-Matthew 28


Do You Have Fellowhip | Daily Walk 132

Fellowship is important to our Christian walk in that we can help each other in our struggles, but also our Christian doctrine. In this video we talk about the importance of fellowship and where to get it.
#Fellowship #Doctrine #Church

– Acts
– Hebrews

Hezekiah’s Prayer:


Understanding the Opposion | Daily Walk 131

In order to take a solid theological stance on any matter, we must understand the opposing views. For Christians, it is deeply important that we understand what the Bible teaches by learning the various opinions, even to the point of being able to defend them. Failure to learn the opposition will show us to not be able to even defend our own viewpoint correctly.
#Theology #Opposition #Discernment


The Planet Will End in Fire | Daily Walk 130

There has been a resurgence in the false viewpoint that our task as people is to improve the planet, either for the betterment of our society, or to help usher in the return of Christ. This view has seen a resurgence because of the modern day focus on Climate Change. The reality according to Scripture is that the world will end in fire, and it will be God’s doing. While we need to do our best as stewards of the earth’s resources, the resources are to be used to expand the Kingdom of God to save souls before the end.

#ClimateChange #ReturnOfChrist #EndTimes

– 2 Peter


What Is Truth? | Daily Walk 129

When #Jesus was on trial before Pontus Pilate, He was asked the question we all ask at some poitn in time: What is #Truth? This Daily Walk looks at #postmodernism and anti-truth in the modern era and how that aligns with the Scriptures.



The Cause of Shallow Christianity | Daily Walk 128

What is the reason for the rapid decline in #Christian maturity in our churches? Today I talk about what I think is causing such a trend, mostly boiling down to us giving away our #responsibility to learn the #Bible to other people instead of being dedicated to such dedication ourselves.

-2 Timothy

The Wisdom of Crowds: https://amzn.to/2WKamXC
The Vision of the Annointed: https://amzn.to/33jjtkC


We Are Not To Strive For Grace | Daily Walk 127

In our modern church we are focusing too much on grace. Grace is a wonderful and powerful thing in the Christian life, but it is what we give our children when they mess up. We should be striving to follow God with all our heart causing less sin in our life as we mature in Christ. Less sin means less grace over time, which is a good thing!
#Grace #HyperGrace #Romans

– Romans


How to Obtain World Peace | Daily Walk 126

People talk about wanting to obtain world peace, but they do not want to accept the one thing that causes world peace: The Knowledge of the Lord. From Isaiah, we find the future of life when the whole world knows God.
#WorldPeace #Isaiah #KnowledgeOfGod



Rejecting the Old Ways | Daily Walk 125

Some people today believe the progressive way of life is better than following the ramblings of an old book written thousands of years ago, but that is simply not true. Today we tell you why from the book of Jeremiah.
#Bible #Jeremiah #Christianity

– Jeremiah
– Romans


Confessing Our Sins to Plants? | Daily Walk 124

Union Seminary in New York City recently brought plants into the classroom to have the seminary students confess their sins to them in the name of climate change. This is a very clear example of what the Apostle Paul said we do, and the consequences are terrible. Listen in on what happened on what we can do about it.
#UnionSeminary #Revelation #Confession

– Romans 1
– Hebrews 3
– Hebrews 10
– Jeremiah 31


When God Abandons Us | Daily Walk 123

When we turn away from God, we risk being abandoned to our sin, and that is never a good thing. The Bible gives us Old and New Testament examples of the consequences of following our sin instead of following God. This video explains.
#Gospel #Abandonment #Sin

– Romans
– Isaiah


Am I The Last Christian | Daily Walk 122

Sometimes we feel all alone in this world, and that is one of Satan’s tricks he plays on us. Today we look at a story about Elijah about when he thought he was all alone until God spoke to him.

– 1 Kings

#Elijah #ChurchGrowth #TrueFaith


Who Will Throw the First Stone | Daily Walk 121

It is often asked ‘How God can let this happen’ during tragic events. The answer is quite simple: He can, but He has given us over to our sins because we have rejected Him! We cannot stop ourselves from sinning even in small ways, so how can we expect the world to lay down its sin and follow God?

– John 8:1-11
– Romans 1:24

#EvilInTheWorld #Tragedy #God


The Five Reasons We Suffer | Daily Walk 120

We all suffer in our life and many people want to know why. This video explains five reasons for suffering according to the Bible:
1.) Sinful World
2.) Bad Choices
3.) Following Christ
4.) Oppression
5.) Spiritual Warfare

– Luke 13
– 2 Kings 18
– 1 Peter 4
– James 5
– Job 1

#Suffering #Jesus #Sin


What Is your Foundation | Daily Walk 119

The Parable about the two men who build a house is talking about two people who both appear to be highly religous and saved. Only the man who builds on the Rock is saved. Building on the rock means we are living the true Gospel as a pattern in our life. What does that mean? Today we discuss that.
#Parables #SolidFoundation #Repentance

-Matthew 7
-James 1


The Unholy Trinity | Daily Walk 118

Just as God has a plan for his redeemed, Satan also has one for the world. Since Satan duplicates what God does, it is not surprising he has an unholy trinity, each person mimicking what God does in truth. This unholy trinity is rarely discussed, but will become known in the last days.
#Trinity #UnholyTrinity #Antichrist

-Revelation 13
-Matthew 24:15-28


This is Why Our World is Violent | Daily Walk 117

Our world has become increasingly violent and many people are left wondering why, but we have had the cause and the solution for thousands of years in the book of Hosea. Here is the answer.
#Hosea #Violence #Faith

– Hosea 4
– Hosea 5


The Purpose of Spiritual Gifts | Daily Walk 116

Today we will look at the purpose of spiritual gifts. Some would say they are to help build the local church, but I do not hold to that idea, because our first calling is to the Church Universal and our gifts are given to us to work in the ministry we are given by God.
#Gifts #Church #Ministry

– Ephesians 4:11-12
– Romans
– Matthew
– 1 Peter


A Lamp On A Hill | Daily Walk 115

The Parable of the Lamp appears four times in three Gospels and three of the tellings are subtly different. Today we look at Matthew 5 and what the city on the hill and the lamp on the Lampstand mean.
#Parables #Lamp #Integrity

– Matthew 5:14-16
– 1 Peter 2:12
– Matthew 6:1-3


Doctrine or Love? | Daily Walk 114

There is an argument in Christianity about what is more important:


The reality is that both are equally important and we must have both in the Christian life. Here, we talk about this concept from the Book of Titus
#Titus #Doctrine #Love