Only a Few Will Be Saved | Daily Walk 325

Western Christianity is deceived into thinking everyone is saved who walks into a Church building and says they are saved. What does the Bible say? Today we will explain what the Bible says.

Matthew 7:13-14
Matthew 7:21-23
Luke 13:23-27
Revelation 3:1-6


How to Sin Less | Daily Walk 324

Today we talk about the steps we can take to sin less. It is our responsibility to work out our faith in Christ.

Ephesians 4:17
Romans 8:3-4
Psalm 101:3-4
2 Timothy 3:16-17
Job 31:1


Reconciliation, a Lost Understanding | Daily Walk 323

Today we talk about Forgiveness, Reconciliation, and Propitiation. We will talk about what these mean and their relationship in the Christian life.

Romans 3:25
Hebrews 2:17
1 John 2:2
1 John 4:10

Half My Life: https://www.ourwalkinchrist.com/books/half-my-life
Toxic Parents: https://amzn.to/47jFaCu


Christians Should Care About Privacy | Daily Walk 322

Christians should always be concerned about privacy, not out of fear, but out of cover of war in that we are in a spiritual battle. Are we really doing what we need to do to protect our message?

2 Timothy 1:7
Nehemiah 4:9

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Falling Away | Daily Walk 321

This week we talk about a trend we see in a poll about where American's place their priorities. Are we starting to see the great falling away?


Testing and Temptations:

Matthew 13:5-6
Matthew 13:7
John 15


Biblical Priorities | Daily Walk 320

Today we talk about Biblical Priorities and how to spot if you are in tune with God. Are you praying before you look for solutions and basing your life on Scripture rather than human knowledge?


The Validity of the Critical Text | Daily Walk 319

I used "Textus Vaticanus, Textus Sinaiticus, Textus Alexandrius" These are "Codex, not Textus"

Today we look at the Critical Text, the foundation of most Bible translations today. How did we get it and can it be trusted? Today we examine this.


Nationalism and Globalism | Daily Walk 318

Does the Bible talk about Globalism or Nationalism? We muse on this as we look to the founding of the USA on Independence day.

Church in Babylon book (Amazon Link):

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Our Kids | Daily Walk 317

This week we read the news letter from Erwin Lutzer on Who is Raising Our Kids. We will talk about the current trends in parenting and where the world is trying to take our kids.




Why Preach if God Chooses? | Daily Walk 316

Today we talk about why we need to preach even though God elects His people.

1 John 2:2
Titus 2:11
1 Timothy 2:3-6
Romans 3:10-18
John 6:35-40
John 10:25-30
Romans 10:12-17

Five Points of Calvinism

Debating Calvinism


Is the Textus Receptus From God? | Daily Walk 315

The battle over the best Greek to use for translations wages over the significance of the various texts we have from history. Here we talk about the Textus Receptus, what it is, and asking if it is the best or not.


Before the Flood Part 2 | Daily Walk 314

Today we pick up from Part 1 and we see where the line of Adam, the first sinner, turns evil and God sees the sins and will destroy the world. But why?

Genesis 5-6


Before the Flood Part 2 | Daily Walk 314

Today we pick up from Part 1 and we see where the line of Adam, the first sinner, turns evil and God sees the sins and will destroy the world. But why?

Genesis 5-6


Before the Flood Part 1 | Daily Walk 313

Today we talk about the world before the flood from the creation to the lines of Cain and Seth, and what this might have to do with the flood.

Genesis 1-4


A Case Study in Discernment | Daily Walk 312

Today we do a quick study in discernment looking at how one author misquoted the Scripture, why this is the norm in our day, and how to approach examining these cases.

2 Kings 6:18-22
1 Kings 19:15-17
2 Kings 2:23-24
2 Kings 5:25-27


The Greek Text Families | Daily Walk 311

Today we will talk about the three primary classes of Greek texts that make up the archeological history of the text as it was handed down.


Theories of Textual Criticisms | Daily Walk 310

Today we talk about the three prevailing theories of textual criticism, the field that is all about figuring out what the real Biblical texts say.

Psalm 12:6-7
Isiah 40:8


The Real People in the Bible | Daily Walk 309

People talk about hypocrites in the Church, but the Bible is not the perfect people of God, but the fallible people of God. Here we discuss these things.

2 Samuel 1:15


Savage Wolves | Daily Walk 308

Today we talk about the false teachers who have risen from among the flock. We talk about the rise of Andy Stanley, Rick Warren, and other church growth people, and why Christians are taken in.

Acts 20:28-31


The Bible Wasn't Written in Old English | Daily Walk 307

Today we tackle some of the issues with the King James ONLY movement and why I do not care what translation people use.
Here are the four key points:
1.) Hasty translation
2.) Several minor textual errors
3.) Language is out of date
4.) Uses later manuscripts