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Testing and Temptations

Testing and Temptations


Testing and Temptations is a guidebook on the process of Sanctification.  Our goal in the Christian life is to start to live more like Christ and this book provides tips to learn how to do just that.



Our America is one where many Christians do not live life like Christ nor do they read the Bible. The average American Christian is not engaged in service and gives less to the cause of Christ than they do for their entertainment. As part of the church, we need to be walking like Christ and encouraging others. Testing and Temptations will guide you through living for Christ in the midst of trials in your life.

We all experience many trials that can be either tests or temptations, but little regard is ever given to what these words mean. Have you ever thought about the concepts behind testing and temptations or what role they may play in your life?

While listening in on a sermon and constantly hearing the pastor fumble over test and tempt, the concept behind the book Testing and Temptations was born. In this book, we will examine the differences between tests and temptations and examine four key principles of Testing and Temptations:

• The Source of the Trial
• The Method the Trial Works in Us
• Where the Trial Leads Us
• The Intention behind the Trial

Once we understand how Testing and Temptations are applied in our lives, we will be in a key position to understand how we can leverage our trials in order to grow closer to Christ. Thomas Murosky outlines simple steps to grow closer to God and live a more holy life, dedicated to the service of God.

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