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The Art of Shallow Neighboring

The Art of Shallow Neighboring


The Art of Shallow Neighboring is a parody of another ‘Christian’ book and Western Christianity at a whole.  We seek to parody issues to bring to light the ridiculousness that has spread through Christianity and defend true Christian principles in a clear apologetic.



When Jesus was asked to sum up the whole huge leather Bible into one simple phrase, he actually gave us two commandments. But modern evangelicals have short attention spans and only heard that we should love our neighbor. Christians everywhere have bought ineffective refrigerator magnets and bumper stickers, but in this book, we will give you better stickers and magnets because we finally found the perfect formula to honor God through block parties!

What would happen if every follower of Jesus twisted the Great Commandment into only loving our neighbors? Is it possible we can create world peace by ignoring that whole subjective ‘loving God’ part and throwing a block party instead?

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