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Hezekiah's Prayer eBook



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Format: eBook (ePUB and Mobi)
ISBN: 978-1-7325696-9-0

Who Is King Hezekiah

King Hezekiah was considered the most righteous king during Israel’s divided kingdom period. Both his father and son were also considered among the most wicked of kings, but sandwiched between them was Hezekiah, a man of prayer who would be tested by threat of destruction and the loss of life from illness. He humbly sought God in prayer and was delivered for his righteousness. In this book, we will learn about this king and more importantly, we will glean wisdom to help our own prayer life become strong. By the of this book, you will have an understanding of what God looks for in a person of prayer. We will examine some basic guidelines for effective prayer and learn to develop a habit of bringing our requests before the Lord.

More Information:

In this book, we tackle the nuances of prayer as a primer starting with learning objectives to guide what we hope will be useful to organize our thoughts on the subject of prayer with the final goal of being more consistent and devoted in our prayer life.

We will draw our examples primarily from the life of Hezekiah, but will also pull in other related scriptures. Our focus on Hezekiah starts with his father, Ahaz, before looking at the circumstances that made Hezekiah the most dedicated king in the days of the divided kingdom.

Next, we look at the two major prayers in the king’s life and how God answered those prayers, focusing our study on what we can learn from his prayers and how God answered them.

We conclude the book with a chapter on bringing the ideas together and putting the steps into action by creating a model for our prayer life to hopefully build a habit of consistent and effective prayer.

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