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Thank you for stopping by our support page.  Our Walk in Christ takes a significant amount of time to manage and maintain and any amount of help is beneficial.  Presently we are not a listed charitable organization so donations are not deductible.  By supporting my work on this website you help me spend more time on building content.

This page will let you know the various ways you are help support this project.  Please feel free to look around and consider the ways to help us.

Purchase Books

I am an author always working on writing projects.  I sell signed books directly to United States customers, but for international visitors please feel free to visit our International Suppliers page to learn where you can buy my books in your region (saves on shipping).  I release my books in paperback and eBook formats.

Amazon Authors Page

Payhip (Global eBooks)

Check Amazon and other bookstores in your region.


Patreon is a website where you can support content creators in their projects and you will get various perks of membership.  My Patrons get new eBooks as they are released.  Follow the link below to head to Patreon to check it out.


If you are just looking for a quick way to send some support, you can use the link below to send a tip on PayPal.


Many people shop on Amazon and if that is you, use the Amazon link below for your shopping and at no extra cost to you, Amazon will send Our Walk in Christ a small portion of the sale.