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I (Don’t) Swear It

Those that have been in the church for a while know the scene all too well: The head of the building committee gives the announcement on stage that the plans for the renovation are complete and it will only cost a few million dollars.  The congregational heartstrings are pulled and the people are asked to …


Long-Winded Christian Thievery

Turning on the television to find sound Christian doctrine is like looking for a needle in a haystack.  A little bit of what is out there will be good, but you will sift through a lot of hay and stubble that will be consumed at the end of the times.  Jesus was angered by the …


Your Brother’s Keeper

We have no doubt heard the phrase, “I am not my brother’s keeper” usually uttered in annoyance in reference to how we may have let a church member or a friend falls into sin.  The first time that phrase was ever uttered was in another context.  After Cain kills Abel, the Lord asks where his …


Stretch Me, Lord!

Here in America we are too comfortable.  Of course, we as a country have pressed hard for the American Dream, which was loosely defined as having money, at least enough to not have to worry about it, having cars, a house, and 2.5 kids (usually two kids and a dog).  When the World War II …


Filling the Empty Cup Widgets Change never happens in the absence of conflict, and ministry never occurs in a vacuum.  I recall frequently coming home late from various ministries and being tired and worn out.  Some people are under the impression that if you go out to serve people by talking about God and teaching doctrines, you should …

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