Growing Your Faith in 2023 | Daily Walk 291

With a new year right around the corner, we will talk about how to grow your faith by reading your Bible at least once this year and adding regular prayer to your day.


Reasons for Society's Collapse | Daily Walk 290

Today we talk from Isaiah about reasons why society is collapsing and leaving us with many people who have simply cast off all rationality and morality to pursue personal pleasure. What do the Old Testament prophets have to say about this?

Isaiah 5:11-2
Isaiah 5:20

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Innocent as Doves | Daily Walk 289

This week we talk about the Lorie Smith website case that is in the supreme court. We will talk about why the Colorado law goes too far, but also why the people approached for these services should do the service. Watch for my descenting opinion and see if it all makes sense to you.

Matthew 10:16-23


Judgment is Coming | Daily Walk 288

This week we talk about the Respect of Marriage act, and why this is the mark of the coming judgment on America.

Genesis 11:1-9


The Root of Heresy | Daily Walk 287

Today we talk about the origins of many heresys and why they came out of the Christian church. What makes the difference between a heresy and a theological difference? We will discuss these today.


Hyper Grace Nonsense | Daily Walk 286

Today I look at some quotes from a strong advocate for the Free Grace movement. I point out that this is not merely a different take on some Scriptural passages, but out right heresy in many places.

Matthew 7:21-23
Titus 1:16
Ephesians 2:10
Titus 2:14


God's Election | Daily Walk 285

We need to focus more on God and less on elections. God will set up the governments and He will place them mostly based on our obedience to His word as a country. We are failing it, and today, we discuss.

Daniel 2:21


Repentance: What Is It Really? | Daily Walk 284

This week we discuss what repentance really means and how it applies to our life. We will also look at two types of repentance that we need to think about.

Luke 3:8-14
Romans 9:6
Matthew 7:21
Titus 2:14
1 John 1:9


Are You Playing Church? | Daily Walk 283

This week in the Daily Walk we talk about the difference between playing church and those who are really committed Christians. We look at what a Christian and what a person playing church looks like from the Bible.

John 8:31-32
Amos 5:21-23


Diversify for the End Times | Daily Walk 282

Today we talk about being prepared for the end times by trusting in God and having options. Here we will talk about two sections of scripture.

Matthew 6:25-34
Ecclesiastes 11:1-6

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The Silencing | Daily Walk 281

Big tech is starting the conservative purge. Mind you, this does not have as much to do with the "conservative" view as the specific things the Bible teaches. Today we talk about what they are doing to silence their opposition and how they are succeeding.

Half My Life:


Thing's Don't Always Go On | Daily Walk 280

Today we talk about how unpredictable the world can be and how the world does not always go as it always had. Peter gives us this warning that the end will come when we do not know. This means today is the time to repent and turn to Christ.

2 Peter 3:3-7


Endless Books Weary The Body | Daily Walk 279

Today we talk about a balance between reading books and reading the Bible. There are endless books in the world and they can (but don't have to) interfere with getting to know God.

Ecclesiastes 12:12


Is America Doomed | Daily Walk 278

Today we talk about America, the Culture War, and what we should be doing. Also, did Judas Iscariot betray Jesus to start a revolution? We will look at this in context of the culture war.

Acts 1:6
John 6:15
Matthew 26:14-16


What Is Evangelism? | Daily Walk 277

Today we talk about what evangelism is and how to make disciples. It takes understanding the Bible, knowing the peace of Christ, and conveying that information to others.

Matthew 28:16-20


Seeing Sin in Our Lives | Daily Walk 276

The biggest part of sanctification is understanding what sin is in our life and that only comes from learning the Bible. Without spending time in the Word we cannot even know what we need to do as Christians.

Romans 7:4-12

Half My Life:


Pros and Cons of Digital Bibles | Daily Walk 275

The digital revolution gave us access to universal digital bibles including all the translations possible. But it also gave us infinite distractions. Here we talk about the advantages and disadvantages of using digital bibles in your daily routine.


Fully God, Fully Man | Daily Walk 274

Today we talk about Jesus: how and why He has two fathers while not having a father at all. Why is this an important doctrine?

Matthew 22:41-46
Psalm 110:1
Matthew 3:16-17


Woe to Those who Call Evil Good | Daily Walk 273

Today we talk about the dangers of calling good evil and evil good. Our culture is seeped in people who are always calling evil good and good evil. We need to take a bold stand on Christ and show the true light.

Isaiah 20:5
Proverbs 17:20


Should We Impose Our Faith? | Daily Walk 272

Today we talk about whether we should share our faith in our increasingly polarized world. We talk about moral codes, free will, and a current politician.

Matthew 26:39