The Gospel and Free Speech | Daily Walk 108

Our world is becoming increasingly hostile to ideas that are not in alignment with progressive thought, and that places the Gospel on the chopping block. We are commanded to go out into the world and preach the Gospel, and it is my contention that we need to stand for free speech so we have the freedom to preach, even if that means other unpopular ideas might also be allowed into the public square. As long as words are used and not violence, we have nothing to fear, particularly us who have the truth!
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Live Like it is the End Times | Daily Walk 107

We are living in the end days! We need to start living like it. As Christians in the past have lived like they were in the last days, the Spirit of God moved more than we see Him moving today. When we stop living for our desires and pleasures we find ourselves instead living for Christ. Let us remember Christ and His parables and start knowing He will soon return!
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Radical Integrity | Daily Walk 106

Integrity is very important in the life of a Christian, in fact, it is a core staple of the faith. We are called to follow Christ whatever it costs us, and the hypocrisy of failing to do that is a key reason young people are leaving the church.
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Clearly Identify Sin In Your Life | Daily Walk 105

Understanding our sin is the first step to salvation; without understanding our desperate need to be saved we gloss over what it means to lay our wrongs at the foot of the cross. This Daily Walk calls us out to clearly spot real and identifiable sin in our life as the first point to accepting our savior.


Beware Church Growth Pastors | Daily Walk 104

As time goes by, more celebrity pastors of church growth-philosophy churches are falling into scandals. Hybells, Driscol, and today several insiders of Harvest Bible Chapel reported that James MacDonald sought to arrange murders. All this is to bring to light that our sin will find us out, and we need to focus on the truth of God rather than being part of a celebrity church.
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Julie Roys Article:


Passion as a Christian | Daily Walk 103

It is important in life to have a passion, but as people bought with the blood of Christ, our passions must seek to expand the kingdom of Christ. What does that mean in practical terms? We will talk about this on today's Daily Walk.


Do Not Hold New Creatures to Old Sin | Daily Walk 102

When we are born again we are a new creature. The old sins have passed away. Today we talk about a story of a former abortion clinic doctor in our town who was born anew but the people who picketed his former establishment could not accept his conversion. Let’s discuss this and learn what our response to sin should be.


Josiahs Sanctification | Daily Walk 101

I have a new book looking at Sanctification and the importance of God’s Word. This is available on Kindle Unlimited for now but will role out in all channels soon. The notes will come from 2 Kings 22 and 2 Chronicles 34 and we will do a deep dive into the life and times of this king.

Amazon Link:


The History of Our Walk in Christ | Daily Walk 100

Our Walk in Christ was the brainchild of a young Christian. After 15 years of owning the property and using it as a teaching platform, I wanted to talk about how it came about and where it is going next! Join in for this brief history lesson to celebrate 100 episodes of Daily Walk!

Mailing List: https://tlm.li/nl


Holiness | Daily Walk 99

Holiness is often neglected in our modern Evangelical world, but it is central to the whole Bible. God is holy and as followers we are called to be be as such. This Daily Walk looks at our role in Holiness as believers.


Reflections on Prayer | Daily Walk 98

Prayer is an important means of grace in the Christian faith and some of us are very good at it but others are not. This Daily Walk looks at some reflections in prayer and what we can do about it. Also check out the videos on prayer from the foundations study:


The book I reference is D.L. Moody Prevailing Prayer:


Identify and Eliminate Sin | Daily Walk 97

We all sin, but sometimes our sin holds fast over us and we have difficulty breaking away. Sin causes separation in our relationship with God, so it is important we identify and eliminate sin anywhere we find it. That is what this podcast will discuss starting from 2 Chronicles 34.


Is God Good? | Daily Walk 96

This edition of Daily Walk asks whether God is good. We start with looking briefly at the book How Can Anyone Say God is Good by Gary Miller. This is a great little fictional story that addresses how God is present in our difficulties. Ultimately, if we think God is not good, we may be looking at life with our interests in mind instead of His.


Bad Theology in the Second Generation | Daily Walk 95

As our churches focus more on growing their numbers with marketing strategies, the young people growing up in the church are starting to lose touch with what Christianity actual means. I am reading a book from a young man who is a second generation Christian who grew up in one such marketing heavy church. Have a listen to my thoughts.


Cults vs Churches | Daily Walk 94

This is our final discussion on cults for now and we talk about what is the difference between a real church and a cult group.


Cults: Bait and Switch | Daily Walk 93

When you join a cult, you are looking for something the group claims to have but when you are ‘in too deep’ you get a hint they are not give you want they offered. What are the Bait and Switch tactics cults use? We will explore them today.

Link: https://amzn.to/2t9cA5c


Cults: How They Get You | Daily Walk 92

This video is the forth in a series on cults and we will talk about some of the tools they use to trap and manipulate people.

Link: https://amzn.to/2t9cA5c


Cults: Four More Traits | Daily Walk 91

This Daily Walk extends our discussion surrounding cults as we dive into four more traits about Dangerous Religious Groups. These are taken from How to Identify a Dangerous Religious Group from RBC Minisstries.

Link: https://amzn.to/2t9cA5c


Cults Part 2: Four Traits | Daily Walk 90

This podcast looks at four traits of cults from the religious perspective. These are taken from How to Identify a Dangerous Religious Group from RBC Minisstries.

Link: https://amzn.to/2t9cA5c


Cults - A Brief Review | Daily Walk 89

Cults and Dangerous Religious Groups are all around us and we would be wise to learn about them. This video is a brief overview of cults and what they do to gain and keep members.

Here are the books I mentioned:
Combating Cult Mind Control: https://amzn.to/2SiRbV4
Cults in Our Midst: https://amzn.to/2TnCBck
Releasing the Bonds: https://amzn.to/2G6EQNs