The Bible Over the Years | Daily Walk 39

This video is the answer to a question about the faithfulness of the Bible. Listen in for details.


Honest Questions | Daily Walk 38

This video addresses how to handle apparent contradictions in the scripture. We need not parse words, and if we are honestly seeking answers, great! Some people do not want honest answers, but sadly our Christian culture does not generally support answers to difficult questions.


Grown Too Large | Daily Walk 37

This daily walk is about how often times churches get too large to want to do the right things and how Christians have responded to that phenomena over the years.


Taken From You and Given to Another | Daily Walk 36

The bible contains several stories that are more terrifying than we might imagine by the sentiment in our modern culture. Today I look closely at Matthew 21 and some of the parables in that chapter.


The End Has Not Come | Daily Walk 35

Well, another end time prediction has not come true…listen in for more info.


Scripture Alone | Daily Walk 34

Today we will talk about why it is important to take our moral conduct from the Bible alone instead of the culture.


The Church Growth Movement | Daily Walk 33

On today’s walk we talk about the problems with the Church Growth movement and why it usually results in big churches that are devoid of Christian behavior.


The Problem of Unity | Daily Walk 32

Today we talk about why unity does not always follow in line with Christians. We are exhorted to be unified but it is not often the practice and this video discusses that problem.

Church of Tares Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9y9ly6YvCw


Proclaim the Truth | Daily Walk 31

Today’s daily walk we will discuss proclaiming the truth in a hostile world. Sadly the hostility of false teaching and viewpoints are becoming highly pervasive in our culture. This is an account of a confrontation from an unexpected source.


Responding to False Prophets | Daily Walk 30

Today I address more content related to the predicted end of the world mostly in regards to people who left comments suggesting God told them exactly what the end will come (spoiler alert – one person’s date has already passed!).


September 23 and Revelation 12 | Daily Walk 29

There has been a little buzz about some constellation alignment later this month. A few people have asked me about it, so I talk about this current event today.


The Decline of the Church Age | Daily Walk 28

Today I reminiscence on the decline of the church from the digital revolution. Listen in for the problem and some solutions.


Christianity is a Calling | Daily Walk 27

This was recorded a while ago when I was visiting Rock Springs, WY where I used to live. I was responding to the terror attacks in Paris the morning of this recording, but used this to talk about the calling of Christianity.


The Day America Stopped | Daily Walk 26

This is not a usual Daily Walk. On this walk I discuss my own time and place during the tragic and significant time of 9/11.


The American Dream | Daily Walk 25

This walk was inspired by a recent sermon I heard focusing on missions. A lot of people misunderstand what missions are, and even worse we focus more on our own pleasures more than God. On this daily walk I discuss the problem with pursuing the American Dream rather than figuring out how to better serve Christ.


It May Not Go Well For You | Daily Walk 24

On this walk I discuss the fallacy that when we come to Christ, everything will go well for us on earth. That is not the case, and Jesus even reminds us in John 15:20 that we will be persecuted. We are commanded to pick up our cross and follow Him in Matthew 16:24. This does not mean our life will be terrible if we come to know Jesus, but that we will have everlasting Joy, especially in eternity.


Do Not Worry | Daily Walk 23

On this walk I discuss what Jesus says about worry. The NASB Bible calls this section of scripture The Cure for Anxiety. Our culture tries to make us anxious. They want us anxious to sell us things to make us feel better. They make us anxious to stay fixed to the news for ratings, but Jesus tells us the cure:

Jesus Cure for Anxiety: Matthew 6:25-34

Follow along and stop worrying!


Angels and Redemption | Daily Walk 22

On this Daily Walk I have a look at a topic I have seen appear in a few movies and television shows: Angels and redemption. Biblically, angels do not have a means of redemption, but why does that matter in the scope of a story line? I will discuss the ramifications of this trend on this walk.


Progressivism and Christianity | Daily Walk 21

On this Daily Walk I discuss progressive thought and how our western culture is radically moving along without Christian thought and input. Listen in on the scientific breakthrough that lead me to this talk.

Here is the article I read about DNA data storage:


Parable of the Laborers | Daily Walk 20

During this daily walk I discuss the Parable of the Laborers and talk about our modern day application.

The parable is found in Matthew 20:1-16