The Day and the Hour | Daily Walk 199

What did Jesus mean when He said that no one knows the hour or the day? Today we examine this section of Scripture and what it means.

Matthew 24:42-51
Matthew 24:1-14


What Is Unity | Daily Walk 198

Unity is called for by many, but most do not understand it. Today we will talk about unity, segregation, and what the Bible says about being unified in Christ.

Galatians 3:23-29
Ephesians 5:11-13


Zealous For a False Gospel | Daily Walk 197

Our world has become zealous for a false gospel. This is not only present in the church, but it is also present in the secular world where we are banning syrup because of the black logo, Dr. Seuss, and even Mr. Potato Head. This is because the whole world thinks they are most justified in their own eyes. Let me instead press on with the real Gospel.

Romans 6:1-2
Genesis 1:26


Where Is Your Focus?

Our world is far from God right now. When we take our focus off of God, we start seeing the problems and fears in the world. We need to forget about the world and refocus back on God so He will see our faith. This is the solution restoring faith in God.

James 4:1-6


Life is Not Always Black and White | Daily Walk 195

Sometimes life is complicated. This message looks at a few cases where people lied and were still called blessed. How do we navigate the complexities in life with an upright heart? Here I discuss my thoughts.

Joshua 2:3-6
Exodus 1:20
Matthew 12:1-7
Matthew 12:10-12


What is a Pharisee | Daily Walk 194

'Pharisee' is an insult thrown at people who take the Word of God seriously. Today we will look from the Scripture and some other resources to ask and answer what is a pharisee in the light of my critique on The Art of Neighboring.

The Art of Shallow Neighboring:

GTY Blog Post:

Matthew 23:1-4
Matthew 23:34-36


Service and Theology | Daily Walk 193

The church has many great debates about theology and service, and here I want to talk about common goals and purpose, and the importance of service. Theology is important, and there is a place to debate it, but service is also a mark of salvation. This video is not an easy, straight process.

Jude 1:3-4
Jude 1:5-6
Jude 1:11-13


The Coming Persecution | Daily Walk 192

Here in America we are in a new era caused by radicals entering government. All the things the Bible teaches us are now under assault and it will soon be illegal to believe what the Bible says. How will we cope in this brave new world? These are my thoughts.

Acts 8:1-8
Hebrews 5:11-14
1 Peter 2:11-12


The Election and False Prophets | Daily Walk 191

Many televangelists have come out saying that God told them that Trump would be re-elected. The Bible has some very clear signs of what a false prophet is, and these preachers are actually meeting that criteria. These are my thoughts.

Matthew 7:15
1 John 4:1
Deuteronomy 18:15-22


Is the Vaccine the Mark of the Beast | Daily Walk 190

The vaccine has raised many questions, and in the Christian field, some have asked if it is the Mark of the Beast. Here I give my thoughts and reasons why the vaccine is NOT the Mark of the Beast.

Revelation 13:15-18
Revelation 10:7
Revelation 11:15-18


Revelation: Faith or Fear | Daily Walk 189

Revelation is full of symbolism as it details the end times. Today we talk about Revelation being a barometer of your faith. If reading through the end times terrifies you, it is possible you are not placing faith in God. Do not despair, faith will come when you stick with the Bible and prayer.

James 1:12
John 15:1-11


Preparing for a New Year | Daily Walk 188

As the new year begins, we can't sit back and assume that the bad year is gone and the new one will be much better. I have a feeling that the new year will be even more hostile to truth than 2020 was. Focus on God and persevere through anything the new year might bring.

James 1:12

Chronological Bible:


Digital Church is Not Fellowship | Daily Walk 187

Our world is going digital, but that is not good for any of us. Today I talk about fellowship in the church and how it is not achieved to God's standard by having church online.

Hebrews 10:23-25


Tyranny and Christmas | Daily Walk 186

This Christmas season, give yourself the gift of logical thought. I implore you to look at the COVID data for yourself and make up your own mind about whether or not you will spend time with family for Christmas.

Check the real data yourself:


Preparing For the End | Daily Walk 185

The end is coming, and we need to be prepared. We will, as Christians, experience part of the Great Tribulation. Jesus gives us commands to be ready, but we also need to have faith in God during the midst of these things.

Matthew 24:15-21
Matthew 6:25-34


The Great Reset | Daily Walk 184

The discussion of The Great Reset has become popular, and this is a move toward a one world government. But we must not fear, we know that will eventually happen, but we need to focus on God, the only one who has actually completed a great reset, and He will cause another Great Reset in the end times. Listen in for a Christian response to The Great Reset.

Genesis 6
Matthew 24
Revelation 13


Common Grace | Daily Walk 183

Common Grace is a theological concept that God grants blessings to all people regardless of their position in Christ. Here we talk about common grace from the Scriptures and how to apply it to our life.

Matthew 5:44-45
Matthew 5:13-16
1 Corinthians 7:14


Doves, Serpents, and Alt-Tech | Daily Walk 182

Christians are being silenced, but turning the other cheek is not become a doormat to be tread under. This is why Jesus told us that we need to be innocent as doves and shrewd as serpents. To this end, we need to use any resources we can to preach the gospel, and that means we need to use alt-tech so our voices can be heard.
Matthew 10:16-20


The President We Deserve | Daily Walk 181

The election is over, but the race is far from won for any candidate. Many Christians are distraught over what has happened at this election. Some are talking about cheating, but I want to remind everyone that God is still in control. God will not have the election stolen from Him and He will give our country exactly what we deserve.
Romans 13:1
John 19:10-11


Can Christians Eat OT Banned Food | Daily Walk 180

Today we will tackle the question of whether or not Christians can eat foods that were forbidden in the Old Testament. We will look at the types of laws and what the Bible actually says.

Leviticus 11:1-8
Acts 10:10-16