Leaving a Legacy | Daily Walk 219

The best thing we can do in our Christian life is leaving a legacy on earth that points to Christ. Here I talk about RA Torrey and his conference center as a lauching point to tell us all that we need to leave a Christian legacy on earth.


God's Plan vs Plan B | Daily Walk 218

While a plan can be a good thing, sometimes we place more trust in our plans than we do in God Himself. Today we will talk about having faith and not worrying about Plan B because we have placed our faith in God.

Matthew 26:52-55
Hebrews 11:1
Psalms 37:4

Found - God's Will:


When to Divide, When to Unite | Daily Walk 217

We have all heard that we need to be united as Christians, but Christ has not always united. Today we will talk about what we need to unite over and what we need to divide over. Stay tuned for a difficult and challenging discussion.


Isolation and Minstry: A Balancing Act | Daily Walk 216

Jesus met with the crowds to love people and meet their needs, but He also withdrew to spend time alone with God. Today we talk about the balance and how we need to separate from the world to draw near to God but also how we need to come into the crowd to teach what we have learned.

Philippians 1:21


Popping the Christian Bubble | Daily Walk 215

Should Christians stay isolated into clean, isolated bubbles? Today we talk about this trend of making the Christian version of worldly things. Such practices are not in alignment with Scriptures, so today we will be examining what is at the heart of the Christian Bubble and how to pop it.

Romans 16:19
Romans 6:1-2
Acts 8:1
Luke 5:30-32


Faith, Works, and Science | Daily Walk 214

Is a push for scientific evidence a violation of faith? Today I will ask if our modern push for scientific evidence interferes with faith, and under what context is such investigation appropriate. Here we talk about Answers in Genesis, the Red Sea Crossing, and other scientific approaches to the Bible.

Hebrews 11:1
Hebrews 11:3


Prophets and Prophecy | Daily Walk 213

Are prophets still around today? Can God give someone a prophecy? Today we talk about prophecies, prophets, and the interactions that God may use to speak to His people today. This topic can be hotly debated, but we will see what Scripture has to say.

Ephesians 4:11-16
1 Corinthians 12:28-29
1 Corinthians 13:8-12


The The Scriptures For Yourself | Daily Walk 212

We have become too dependent on pastors, internet teachers, and publiciations in the Christian life. The problem we have is that many times our easy teaching is not based on sound preaching. Rather than believing what you see as truth, be like the Bereans and search the Scriptures for yourself.

Genesis 1:26
Acts 17:10-11


Will He Find Faith? | Daily Walk 211

We are commanded to have faith, but will Christ find faith when He comes back? What does real faith look like and how will our faith be manifest at the end times. Today we talk about these things.

Luke 18:8-12
Hebrews 11:1
2 Chronicles 16:1-6
2 Chronicles 16:7-10


Intoleration Nation | Daily Walk 210

We are all told to be tolerant. What does that mean, and why are people branded (intolerantly) for disagreeing with the common narrative. Today we want to talk about tolerance in the church, what it means, and how we should live out our faith in society.

Romans 12:18-21
Romans 1:32


Good News in California? | Daily Walk 209

As we see the police state in Canada arrest more pastors, we are now starting to see some good news out of California. There have been several CA churches that have been fighting restrictions, and the courts are now starting to rule on these cases. What could the good news be? Have a listen to hear more.


Oh Death, Where Is Thy Sting | Daily Walk 208

Death is a part of life, and many people have realized that over the years. But our present society has an irrational fear of death. Part of the Christian life is a recognition of the mortality of man, and the eternity of our souls. Here is why this is important.

1 Corinthians 15:54-58
Psalm 37:4


To Obey or Disobey | Daily Walk 207

In a world where pastors are being arrested for holding church services and new laws make traditional Christian values illegal, when is the time to start disobeying? Today we will look at some comments from Erwin Lutzer on his newsletter from a few weeks back.

More on Erwin Lutzer:


The Underground Church | Daily Walk 206

Today we will talk about the emerging underground church in the West as the laws in our nation becoming more hostile to the true teachings found in the Bible. As the laws shift against the Scriptures, the true Christians will stand up and preach. We will be forced underground.

Revelation 2:8-11


What Are Your Influences? | Daily Walk 205

We are in a world where people don't do the hard work of learning from themselves, but that is exactly what we are called by the scriptures to do. We need to watch our influences and learn what it really means to follow the Word.
Matthew 7:1


Freedoms Lost, Expect Persecution | Daily Walk 204

Formerly free nations are now turning into police states. Our northern neighbors have lost basic freedoms and a church is under direct attack. Ultimately, this plan is against the Gospel, and today we will look at what is happening at Gracelife Church and how it relates to what happened in Egypt under Joseph's administration.

Genesis 47:13-19


Faith and Religion in America | Daily Walk 203

Today we want to look at Judges and a parallel to faith in America today. Everyone does what is right in their own eyes, but that is contrary to how we are called to walk in faith. This reading looks at how the time of the judges was much like our country now, and that means judgment may be right around the corner.

Judges 17:6
Judges 17:1-13


A Tale of Two Approaches | Daily Walk 202

Should we worry about secular controversies and forget it all to only preach Jesus? There are a few good approaches to this question, and I think it is a gray area decision. Here are two approaches and what they mean.


Is Jesus a Revolutionary? | Daily Walk 201

Should we go out to raise a revolution for Christ, or are we to live quietly while doing the next best thing? This video asks if Jesus was a wild revolutionary as some people suggest, or what He being as quiet as possible?

Matthew 12:20
Daniel 1:8


Faith to Move Mountains | Daily Walk 200

Today we talk about what faith is. What is real faith and how does it work? Are we living our life in faith or by the ways of the world?

John 5:2-8
Matthew 17:19-21