In the present state of the world, reaching out with the Gospel can be a challenging thing to do. Especially if you are reaching out into the public school system. If it seems like a lost cause, kicking against the goads, the impossible mission, then think again. I do some work with Child Evangelism Fellowship.

Our chapter have a prayer goal to reach the children in every school in the region. We have many struggles from lack of workers, lack of interest, and even some churches that are more concerned with their image before men that they will not step out with us to reach the children of the community by setting up voluntary Bible clubs near schools. These clubs can be during school hours (outside of the school at a church or a house nearby), or they can be in the school after school hours are over. And what is the impact of this? We have found that children flock to these in some locations, and curiously, in other locations in the same school district, they do not. Regardless, we work with those children that come, give them a Gospel message, disciple those that know Christ, and encourage memory verses. Although I am usually busy with work, I was able to get away for a few days to visit several clubs in our area where I gave my testimony and shared the Gospel. Many children just yesterday came to us for more counseling on the Gospel during these meetings. Now, I am not one to count those that are 'saved' because I don't believe we can know if these children were actually saved yesterday, but we got the Gospel out, discipled more children, and increased an interest to learn more about Jesus Christ. Anyway you slice the pie, we accomplished God's will by getting Gospel out. Those most glorious thing about this, is that we are able to do this work during school hours for children of public schools. If you would like to get involved, you can contact the national CEF office. -In Christ, Tom