Only the Foolish are Saved

I have listened to many sermons over the years, and like many, I have my favorite pastors that I like to listen to on the radio or online. A trap that we may encounter is trying to find that one sermon or that one book to really help us to learn what we need to know to be a good Christian in this world.

The Purpose of the Law

If you are familiar with the famous DISC profile, than you may well know that a high C personality loves rules and will do everything possible to follow them.  I want my accountant to be a high C personality because I know that none of the complicated IRS rules will be broken in my taxes; he will not knowingly let anything slip through the cracks in my tax preparation.  To contrast this, a high D personality will justify every broken law in order to better the cause he is working for.

The Vision Fulfilled

Life is not destined to carry on as it is now.  Some things we can control and some we cannot.  The worst thing we can do is resign ourselves to poor life circumstances.  In our finances, many people will believe that they will always have a car payment or a credit card balance.  How many people do we know that have said they will always be fat, so why bother trying to stay fit?

Your Brother's Keeper

We have no doubt heard the phrase, "I am not my brother's keeper" usually uttered in annoyance in reference to how we may have let a church member or a friend falls into sin. The first time that phrase was ever uttered was in another context.  After Cain kills Abel, the Lord asks where his brother is at and Cain responds, "I do not know.  Am I my brother's keeper? (Genesis 4:9)"

Clean Out the Closet

As we approach the idea of sanctification, I am reminded of a fabulous little book that should be read by every Christian, every year: My Heart-Christ's Home by Robert Boyd Munger. This little book takes only an hour or so to read and is generally found as a little booklet near the checkout of Christian bookstores. This little book has touched my heart in many ways, many times.

Doctrine Trumps Relationship

I have never watched Duck Dynasty, nor do I ever care to.  Part of it is that I do not like to watch much television, part of it is that I am not a fan of reality TV, and the final part is that I do not like the pure commercialization of Duck Dynasty paraphernalia.  But I have to offer great praise for the 'Duck Commander' Phil Robertson for his interview with GQ magazine and not forgetting about his faith.  Of course, as you may know, A&E indefinitely suspended Phil for some of his comments reported in the article.  Of particular commentary fame is this quote from the article: