Herbert Hoover's Church

All around America churches exhort their members to bring their friends, neighbors, and co-workers to church.  This is particularly common in children and youth programs and the idea is to fulfill the great commission.  The idea is for the pastor to talk about how to meet Jesus in order to usher your friends into the faith.  The Gospel is watered down so as to not offend anyone and the people hear a simple message about saying a little prayer, and that is all it takes to become saved!  The church becomes the free (or is that 10 percent of our income) Sunday entertainment.

Fellowship Done Right

Christians are repeatedly encouraged to fellowship with one another. The call to fellowship is the most common admonitions that we hear regarding church life and function, but it is rarely defined. We are left to assume that fellowship means to merely spend time with other Christians. This means going out to lunch after a Sunday service or watching movies together. However, I want to challenge that loosely defined premonition and set out to define what fellowship actually means.

Praying for a Crop Failure

It is sad that in America today, many Christians are praying for crop failures. If we live our life seeking pleasure from things that are against the Word of God, and then we pray that the consequences of those actions will not happen, we are praying for a crop failure.

Signs of Love

God is love is an expression frequently heard in the course of the Christian life. Some people will argue that God was love in the New Testament, but more like wrath in the Old Testament. But how can we reconcile this apparent change when we know that God is supposed to be immutable?

Dave Ramsey and Tom

Money is important in life. People frequently say that the Bible says more about money than it does any other topic, however, I have read the Bible many times and I cannot find evidence of that. If you have such evidence (real verses, not quotes from people) please send it along.

Resolve to Read the Word

Jesus is king, Lord of lords. We should attend church and preach the Gospel; we all know that we should always be telling all our friends about Jesus and inviting everyone to church and religious social events. The Bible says so, right? Maybe, or maybe not. According to Barna Research Group and American Bible, 81% of Christians do not regularly read the Bible. How can this 81% of professing Christians really know about the faith they promote?