Detoxing From Bad Media

Creative writing in 5th grade: what thoughts can proceed from the mind of a 10 years old? I submit that what comes out of his mind is what went in in the first place. In one assignment given to me at this age I demonstrated the role of media input much to the dismay of my mother. The assignment was to list 10 reasons your parents did not sign the homework. My reasons prompted a phone call home, and had I been a 5th grader at the time of this writing, I would have been sent to a psychologist and probably placed on state-ordered treatment.

No Room at the Inn

Oh, that fateful night when there was no room left at the inn. The Bible does not tell us the length of time that it took Joseph and Mary to travel to Bethlehem for the census. If they joined a caravan, which would have been likely, it probably took them about 4 days. Some speculate that it may have taken longer since Mary was nine months pregnant, but that is not very likely since it would have been dangerous to leave the caravan. Regardless of the time, they arrived at Bethlehem and found no room for them at the inn, thus they stayed at the stables instead.

Clean Out the Closet

As we approach the idea of sanctification, I am reminded of a fabulous little book that should be read by every Christian, every year: My Heart-Christ's Home by Robert Boyd Munger. This little book takes only an hour or so to read and is generally found as a little booklet near the checkout of Christian bookstores. This little book has touched my heart in many ways, many times.

Microwave Solutions to a Crock-pot Problem

I was challenged with the question of Evangelism recently.  The person was frustrated about losing friends because of evangelizing and wanted some advice, so I told him that I would consider the question.  After all, Jesus did say that people will persecute us for following Him (John 15:18-23), but does that reflect our life or our methods?  I have had my eyes and ears open, consulted some other people whom I consider very Godly, and proceeded to think about the problem of Evangelism.

Seven Snares of the Enemy

If you have lived the Christian life for any period of time, you know that that temptation can hit us suddenly and unexpectedly.  Some temptation is small, leading to sins but other temptation is powerful with the ability to tempt us into additive and destructive habits.

In 2012, a lawmaker privately funded a monument to the Ten Commandments erected on the grounds of the Oklahoma State Capitol.  Since then, there have been a few lawsuits questioning the legality of such a monument on grounds of separation of Church and State from Atheist groups as well as the ACLU.