Take Some Time | Daily Walk 65

Today’s daily walk will give us encouragement to slow down a little bit to focus on God.


What Is Faith | Daily Walk 64

What is faith? This is a topic often talked about but rarely practiced. Here we talk about it from Hebrews 11.


Support Yourself and Others | Daily Walk 63

Today we will look at the verses in 2 Thessalonians about working and eating as it relates to some modern trends.

Pardon the bad audio partway through.


Modern Idolotry | Daily Walk 62

Idolatry was commanded against in the Old and the New Testament. While the western cultures do not generally worship little statues, we do have our own modern idols. I talk about these in this video.


Electric or paper Bibles? | Daily Walk 61

On this daily walk we will address the question of whether we should study with electronic or paper bibles.


Base Bible Translation | Daily Walk 60

Today we will talk about the importance of having a home Bible translation to come back to for regular study. Reading other translations is also good, but select one as your main.


Boy Scouts and Adopting the Culture | Daily Walk 59

The Boy Scouts is no more as they are now re-branded as Scouts of BSA. This has caused some controversy, but it makes us ask some hard questions. Lets dig into this.


Ignoring the Truth | Daily Walk 58

This is the final installment of the Lucifer Principle. I talk about the whole truth the author is missing.

Referenced Media:
The Lucifer Principle: https://amzn.to/2s3dJdB
The Closing of the American Mind: https://amzn.to/2KJQugo
Dancing in the Dark: https://amzn.to/2IJMwUs
Pandoras Boxoffice: https://amzn.to/2s1ywix
Hells Bells 2: https://amzn.to/2x6AKSy


What is a Christian? | Daily Walk 57

Many people profess to be Christians, but what does being a ‘Christian’ really mean? In this video I talk about this topic.


Future Focus | Daily Walk 56

We need to focus our life with an eye on our eternity but forces are trying to keep us occupied with other things. This is my take.


Crusades and False Christianity | Daily Walk 55

Today we will address once again the issues and false faith behind the Crusades.


Blasphemy Against the Holy Spirit | Daily Walk 54

Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is a difficult subject, but in my reading of The Lucifer Principle I have found an instance I believe to be exactly what Jesus was describing when He warned the Pharisees about their words. Here is my take on the matter.


Unnamed Meme or Sovereign God? | Daily Walk 53

This is another video from the Lucifer Principle and the author has moved down a path of “nameless memes that happen to order societies”. Lets talk about this.


Militant Creationists | Daily Walk 52

Today we will talk about the issues i have with the Answers in Genesis and Institute for Creation Research ‘ministries’. Mostly it is AIG many people hear about these days as they are produce trendy videos and documentaries and museums. There is not anything inherently wrong with these issues, but listen in for my biggest issue with these groups.


Evaluating a Church | Daily Walk 51

This discussion is on how to evaluate a church. We often tell a new believer to find a good church, but what does that mean? This video will let you know some of the things I look for.


Live and Move and Have Our Being | Daily Walk 50

This video is a reply to the next section in The Lucifer Principle. This section gives us a problem but never talks about a solution, but the Bible has a solution for this problem.


The Problem with the Scientific Explaination of Life | Daily Walk 49

This video talks about an issue with the origin of life explain in The Lucifer Principle.


Touched By Original Sin | Daily Walk 48

This video is a response to a chapter from The Lucifer Principle and how the Christian doctrine of Total Depravity is an alternative but accurate explanation for the violence we see in nature; but only Christianity provides a solution.


The Church's Impact on Us | Daily Walk 47

This daily walk asks the question of what a bad church can do to us as believers.


What is Truth | Daily Walk 46

This daily walk we will look into the answer to Pilate’s question of Jesus: What is Truth?