Growth in Christ | Daily Walk 86

This is my 18th year as a Christian and I wanted to talk some time looking at 1 John 2 about the different stages of a Christian’s growth.


Tips to Read the Bible | Daily Walk 85

This is a new year and I am encouraging everyone to try to read their Bible through cover to cover this year. This video gives a few tips and some encouragement.


We Are Not Promised Today | Daily Walk 84

While on the way to the park to record this video I encountered the scene of an emergency and stopped to help. We are not promised today.


Christian Teaching in the Modern World | Daily Walk 83

A friend asked me about how to find good teaching for the daily commute talking about how the only teaching he can find is on the Catholic stations. This is my response.


What Is Your Ministry | Daily Walk 82

We all need a ministry when we mature as Christians. This video is my take on what we should be doing to serve God.


Finding Hope in a Broken World | Daily Walk 81

In our world of violence and anger it is hard to find hope, but this message tells you where to look.


Pastor or Leader | Daily Walk 80

On this daily walk we will talk about the difference between a pastor and a leader and why it is important in our modern western church.


The Wedding Clothes | Daily Walk 79

In the Parable of the Wedding Feast in Matthew 22:1-14 Jesus says some frightening things about the people without the wedding clothes. What does He mean?


The Joy of the Lord | Daily Walk 78

Today we will ask whether we should be joyful or turn our joy into gloom. We will talk about Jesus’ high priestly prayer and a statement in the book of James.


Then They Came for the Christians | Daily Walk 77

A few months ago we talked about Alex Jones being deplatformed and now we have another case. These companies and people are being removed for their words, and in a world becoming hostile toward Christianity, it is only a matter of time before true Christians are also deplatformed. Let Ye be Warned!


Why Follow Jesus | Daily Walk 76

Often in our Western Christianity we get caught caught up in our own wants. Jesus confronts a group of people in that very case. Listen in.


Signs of the End Times | Daily Walk 75

We are living in the end times, and today we look at the list of End Time traits in people as Paul describes in 2 Timothy 3:1-6.


Came With a Sword | Daily Walk 74

While the modern Church Growth Movement is focusing on World Peace, it is our imperative to realize Jesus did not come for that end. Listen in on His real purpose.


Naturalism Is Real | Daily Walk 73

Naturalism is the philosophy that all things in this world progress by a set of natural laws. The Bible would agree. Listen in to find out more.


Start With The Foundation | Daily Walk 72

Why are young people leaving the church? It might be because the foundation of our faith has been weakened by the church itself. This video is about going back to the basics.


Concern with Social Justice | Daily Walk 71

I recorded a video a few weeks back on The Statement on Social Justice and the Gospel but here I wanted to talk more about some concerns with the movement as a whole.


Validity of Emotions | Daily Walk 70

Today we will look at our emotions and how they are always valid. Even what we may call ‘bad’ emotions are still good in that they tell us about our heart.


Gray Areas | Daily Walk 69

The Bible is very clear on several commandments but there are a lot of areas in our social life where behavior is not dictated. This video discusses that.


Remember From Where You Came | Daily Walk 68

The best lesson we can learn from history is what not to do. We all have a past and things we wish we could change. This daily walk encourages us to think over our past and learn into the future.


Climb Out of Sin | Daily Walk 67

Today on our Daily Walk we will talk about sin, falling into sin, and breaking out of sin.