Do Not Worry | Daily Walk 23

On this walk I discuss what Jesus says about worry. The NASB Bible calls this section of scripture The Cure for Anxiety. Our culture tries to make us anxious. They want us anxious to sell us things to make us feel better. They make us anxious to stay fixed to the news for ratings, but Jesus tells us the cure:

Jesus Cure for Anxiety: Matthew 6:25-34

Follow along and stop worrying!


Angels and Redemption | Daily Walk 22

On this Daily Walk I have a look at a topic I have seen appear in a few movies and television shows: Angels and redemption. Biblically, angels do not have a means of redemption, but why does that matter in the scope of a story line? I will discuss the ramifications of this trend on this walk.


Progressivism and Christianity | Daily Walk 21

On this Daily Walk I discuss progressive thought and how our western culture is radically moving along without Christian thought and input. Listen in on the scientific breakthrough that lead me to this talk.

Here is the article I read about DNA data storage:


Parable of the Laborers | Daily Walk 20

During this daily walk I discuss the Parable of the Laborers and talk about our modern day application.

The parable is found in Matthew 20:1-16


Consider Your Influences | Daily Walk 19

During this walk, I will discuss the importance of considering our influences in life. Since our heart is frequently a reflection of our life, we should be careful about what we allow in our head through our consumption of media, but we should also not be limiting ourselves to merely Christianized forms of entertainment.


Shallow Evangelism | Daily Walk 18

Today’s Daily Walk takes us down a path of Shallow Evangelism. The American Church is very wide, but very shallow. We are very good at getting a lot of people to pray for Jesus, but our follow-through is to be desired. We should rather focus on discipleship. I give some thoughts to discipleship at the end of this walk.


The Sacred, Secular Split | Daily Walk 17

We are too focused on living in Christian bubbles and we need to pop them to let the Christians out in the world. On this Daily Walk, I talk about Lecrae, the HipHop artist and his new book, Unashamed. This split is important for us to continue on our walk in Christ.


Not of This World | Daily Walk 16

Once again, the audio quality is not what I wanted, but the content was just too good not to share and I did not want to risk redoing because I liked the message.

On this daily walk I discuss the role of the Christian in the culture. We are to impress our love on the world, but not always our laws. God is strong enough to change the hearts of the people and if we are too busy trying to change the laws of the nation without changing the souls of the nation, we are setting ourselves up for failure. Change the hearts and the nation will line itself up. Remember that the Gospel spread in the Roman cities that were not ‘Christian’ nations.


Electronic Bibles | Daily Walk 15

–The audio quality is not what I want, but the content was worth sharing–
On this daily walk, I talk about the use of electronic bibles in the form of cell phones, tablets, and projection screens. Some debate has ensued over the years regarding the effectiveness of digital bibles. Herein are my comments.


Tares Among Wheat | Daily Walk 14

How do we respond to people not living by God’s commands? On this Daily Walk I discuss what Jesus had to say about the topic from the parable of the Tares among Wheat.


The Parable of the Sower | Daily Walk 13

Jesus tells his disciples exactly what the parable of the sower means. In Matthew 13, Christ tells us that seeds fall in four locations: The path, the shallow soil, the weeds, and the fertile ground. On this daily walk, I give some thoughts on these four soils as they relate to our modern culture.


Purpose of the Parables | Daily Walk 12

Jesus did not speak in parables to easily teach the principles of the Kingdom of Heaven. I know that is the regular teaching in Sunday school, especially kids classes. Jesus gave a much deeper reason to His disciples when they asked directly: Why do you speak in parables? On this daily walk, I tell you what Jesus told them.


Pagans Will be Pagans | Daily Walk 11

Believers of the world, we need to stop trying to get non-believers to follow the rules and guidelines of our God. We should love the people of the world, live like citizens of heaven, and preach the Gospel. Let’s let God work it out. But if we are saved, we should certainly start living like it. All this and more in today’s daily walk.


Bible Translations and Alphabet Soup | Daily Walk 10

There are over 115 English Bible translations. WHY!!!!

In this video, I discuss my thoughts on the number of Bible translations that are available. I frequently am asked about what Bible I read and is x,y,or z a good translation. I seek to read a different translation every year, and I think that we have way too many translations.

Here are my thoughts.


Living Like Jesus | Daily Walk 9

In this Daily Walk I discuss the importance of conforming our life to the Scriptures starting starting with our minds. Paul exhorts us to transform our hearts with the renewing of our mind. In the book of Ephesians he give us an outline of some core attitudes to adopt. The bottom line, if we confess that we are Christians, we ought to live like we truly are Christians.


Life in Corinth | Daily Walk 8

On this daily walk I discuss the Christian implications of the homosexual marriage debate and other sins that were commonplace in the culture when Christianity was spreading. We should not be as concerned about this right as many Christians declare, but rather, we should just keep on going with the preaching of the Gospel. I can’t force the pagans around me to accept the mandates of a God they do not believe in! Rather than tell others how they should live, as Christians, we should rather be concerned with spreading the Gospel!


Transformation in Christ | Daily Walk 7

Many times we hear how easy it is to come to Jesus, and indeed, the burden is easy as Jesus does declare. Our invitation is free, but it is not without cost. In this daily walk, I discuss the Rich Young Ruler, coming to Jesus, and the cost of following Jesus.


Scripture Memorization | Daily Walk 6

We all tell our kids at church in Sunday School and evening programs to memorize scripture, but as a general trend in America, it is another place that we as Christian adults are not leading by example. In this daily walk, I talk about my key points in Bible memory.

A few books that I have read on the topic are:
An Approach to Extended Scripture Memory by Andrew Davis
Speed Memory Techniques by Armando Elle
Scripture Memorization Made Easy by Leilani Charis

There may be better ones, but these were free or low cost on the Kindle and it is better to just experiment with what works best for you and o it rather than reading all of the theory, but those are good places to get a start.

With that…start hiding God’s Word in your heart so you may not sin against Him


Politics in the Church | Daily Walk 5

During today’s daily walk I wanted to discuss politics and faith. No matter if you like our president’s policies or not, we are called to pray. Pray for the government and the leaders. As we enter the election year and the politics are flying in the news, we need to focus on praying. Pray for the country, pray for the best leader to be elected to the country, and pray for the new president no matter if you wanted that person elected or not!

The Bible tells us to obey our authorities as long as our authorities are not directly interfering with our commission to spread the Gospel. Pray and keep the two party American political system OUT of the church.


Bible Tracts Everywhere | Daily Walk 4

On today’s walk, I want to discuss a pet peeve I have…BIBLE TRACTS! I hate these things. Though I have encountered a few good ones, most of the tracts I have looked at (and that is many) are sloppy in their theology. They simply want to get a little prayer accomplished and then declare you saved! No matter the fact you have not repented, are not seeking to please God. If the prayer is done…you are SAVED!

Lets recall some theology and stop leaving these things littered around town. Listen to my discussion on Bible Tracts