The Importance of Scripture Reading | Daily Walk 2

The Bible is not as difficult a read as many books that we Americans like to stick our nose it, but simple reading can have deep impact on our daily life. We should be striving to reading the Bible quickly over the course of a year, but also to doing some in depth study in addition to that.

In this daily walk I build an argument for why we should read the Bible every day and then I lay out my strategies for how I accomplish that task.


The Importance of Prayer | Daily Walk 1

Some of us are better at praying and others not so much. I am very academic so reading the Bible comes naturally to me, but when it comes to prayer, I often struggle. I make the effort and put in my time, but sometimes we misunderstand what we are trying to accomplish with our prayers. Do we seek to get things as if our Father is a cosmic vending machine? You know the prayer, “Give me this, give me that, give me this, give me that…time for bed!”