Unnamed Meme or Sovereign God? | Daily Walk 53

This is another video from the Lucifer Principle and the author has moved down a path of “nameless memes that happen to order societies”. Lets talk about this.


Militant Creationists | Daily Walk 52

Today we will talk about the issues i have with the Answers in Genesis and Institute for Creation Research ‘ministries’. Mostly it is AIG many people hear about these days as they are produce trendy videos and documentaries and museums. There is not anything inherently wrong with these issues, but listen in for my biggest issue with these groups.


Evaluating a Church | Daily Walk 51

This discussion is on how to evaluate a church. We often tell a new believer to find a good church, but what does that mean? This video will let you know some of the things I look for.


Live and Move and Have Our Being | Daily Walk 50

This video is a reply to the next section in The Lucifer Principle. This section gives us a problem but never talks about a solution, but the Bible has a solution for this problem.


The Problem with the Scientific Explaination of Life | Daily Walk 49

This video talks about an issue with the origin of life explain in The Lucifer Principle.


Touched By Original Sin | Daily Walk 48

This video is a response to a chapter from The Lucifer Principle and how the Christian doctrine of Total Depravity is an alternative but accurate explanation for the violence we see in nature; but only Christianity provides a solution.


The Church's Impact on Us | Daily Walk 47

This daily walk asks the question of what a bad church can do to us as believers.


What is Truth | Daily Walk 46

This daily walk we will look into the answer to Pilate’s question of Jesus: What is Truth?


Christian Conduct and Influence | Daily Walk 45

This video addresses the fact that as Christians we should have highest standard for conduct because of the person we stand for.


Faith and Science | Daily Walk 44

In our modern world some people are thinking it is not compatible to be a person of science and a person of faith. This is a brief discussion about how we can be both and what caused these divides to happen.


Living Holy in an Unholy World | Daily Walk 43

This daily walk examines how we are to learn to live as Christ would have us live in this world.


Comfort in the End Times | Daily Walk 42

Today’s daily walk I talk about one of the signs of a true believer as it relates to our response to the end times. We have another book of the Bible that has not yet been fully fulfilled and it holds a key to our heart as a sign of salvation.


Avoid Christmas Consumerism | Daily Walk 41

This is just a little tip and reminder to focus on what is important this holiday season.


Listen to Your Shepherd | Daily Walk 40

So many voices and noises surround us as we live our life in Christ. This is just a short little video to talk about whom we should be listening to.


The Bible Over the Years | Daily Walk 39

This video is the answer to a question about the faithfulness of the Bible. Listen in for details.


Honest Questions | Daily Walk 38

This video addresses how to handle apparent contradictions in the scripture. We need not parse words, and if we are honestly seeking answers, great! Some people do not want honest answers, but sadly our Christian culture does not generally support answers to difficult questions.


Grown Too Large | Daily Walk 37

This daily walk is about how often times churches get too large to want to do the right things and how Christians have responded to that phenomena over the years.


Taken From You and Given to Another | Daily Walk 36

The bible contains several stories that are more terrifying than we might imagine by the sentiment in our modern culture. Today I look closely at Matthew 21 and some of the parables in that chapter.


The End Has Not Come | Daily Walk 35

Well, another end time prediction has not come true…listen in for more info.


Scripture Alone | Daily Walk 34

Today we will talk about why it is important to take our moral conduct from the Bible alone instead of the culture.