Happy Helloween

We are at that time of the year again for the holiday known as Halloween.  It is not possible to write an article on this subject without offending someone, so please before I am condemned as a heretic, Satan worshiper, or (not this) Right-wing radical conservative killjoy Christian, please here me out on this one.

OK, so I have to rant.  This is nothing to do with Christianity, but I have no other forum to mention this issue.  It is relevant to my other major interest: education!  I have taught higher education for three years and now, in addition to running my business, I tutor online.  In my bout with education, I have come to realize that educational theory is absolutely scalping our society!

I have asked the question of many people: Which ministry is harder, Children’s or Addiction Recovery?  Usually I hear back that addition recovery is harder for various reasons.  These reasons are all valid: people are set in the ways, they are not always looking for help, the power of addiction, etc. 

We are in grave times.  Of course I knew that long ago, but things have been brooding in my mind and heart for a while now.  I am kept so busy that I can rarely have a few minutes to myself.  I am not sure when this began, but I assume near the end of 2006 when I was gearing up for my last year of work on my doctoral program.

Sick of the Political Christians


Well, it has been a while since I have posted, and even longer since I sat down to write a new post, but my heart is full with a problem that I perceive.  I do not follow politics a whole lot, particularly what the news media pushes all the time.  It seems to me that most of where I get my information is from church going people who usually completely attack one particular party while blindly following another.

Saint Patrick - A Life Well Lived

We are here again at March 17, a day set apart as Saint Patrick’s Day. What does all that mean? Are we like Alex Jefferson on Adventures in Odyssey who is wearing a green sweater for no other reason than his mom wanted him to wear it because of this mysterious day? I recall that very reason in my early life! “It is Saint Patrick’s Day, you need to wear green!” is the common phrase of people getting ready in the morning all throughout America on this day. I, also, was caught up in all these things in my early life, as a non-believer, wearing green, for no reason. Why?