Doctrine and Spirit

I had a wonderful debate in the past with a Christian over the author John Eldredge. I deny this author as completely sound, discounting his theology as open theism (which he denies in his books, yet he fits the definition exactly), I have friends who agree there are a few problems, but the author is well know for helping people think differently about Christ.  What do you think?

I have been thinking of this again as I continue to watch Hells Bells 2 over and over. I think about the old music that I gave up when I became a Christian. I think also of what I still have. Not only the music, but I also examine the movies, games, etc.

Church and Modeling

I have much to say on the topic of church.  There is a great falling-out in our church day, and I would love to address some of the issues.  The one that I want to look at today is the topic children's church.  Although I am a very talented children's and youth worker, I totally disagree with the concept of children's church and I will not help with it.

My heart weighs heavy today as I reflect.  I have no specific idea where I am going with this post, so I will just write and see what happens.  I guess that at times, we must think inward and pray how we might grow outward.  No growth comes without a struggle.

Pictures of Christ

I remember an old story that was a great picture of Christ.  It was spring of 2006 and I took my little in Big Brothers Big Sisters to a local fish hatchery / fishing location.  He was not very interested in fishing that day but rather, he wanted to hike up the hill.  This boy was very scared of most things, but he was so focused on climbing up that hill.  He ran so fast up the hill that I had a very hard time keeping up with him.  Finally he got way up the hill and then stopped.  Once he turned around, he saw how high up the hill he was and he became instantly paralyzed by fear.  he had no idea how he got into the situation that he was in.  He even started to tear up about it.


I was out after church with a bunch of sports freaks.  You know the type: loud, rowdy, teasing each other about the jerseys that they were wearing.  I got to talking to another person that was there that, much like myself, was not really into sports.  We made an interesting connection between evil and football!  That is right.  We came to the conclusion that football is fleshy and should be destroyed!