Grace for You

We are all prodigals.  We run from Christ, righteousness, and holiness.  But in this message, unlike usual, I do not want to dwell on that.  I want to focus on the response.  In a way, this will be a review of a little book that I just received from John MacArthur entitled Grace for You, which is a summary of the A Tale of Two Sons: The Inside Story of a Father, His Sons, and a Shocking Murder.

Democratized Faith

This article has been on my heart for a long time, and I hope that it is as good as it sounds in my head.  For I fear that my time away from daily writing has deeply impacted my ability to clearly convey a point as poignant as this.  So what does the term ‘Democratized Faith’ mean?

Happy Helloween

We are at that time of the year again for the holiday known as Halloween.  It is not possible to write an article on this subject without offending someone, so please before I am condemned as a heretic, Satan worshiper, or (not this) Right-wing radical conservative killjoy Christian, please here me out on this one.

OK, so I have to rant.  This is nothing to do with Christianity, but I have no other forum to mention this issue.  It is relevant to my other major interest: education!  I have taught higher education for three years and now, in addition to running my business, I tutor online.  In my bout with education, I have come to realize that educational theory is absolutely scalping our society!

I have asked the question of many people: Which ministry is harder, Children’s or Addiction Recovery?  Usually I hear back that addition recovery is harder for various reasons.  These reasons are all valid: people are set in the ways, they are not always looking for help, the power of addiction, etc. 

Sinners and Saints

As I was examining some news stories the other day, I came upon a quote by Warren Buffett that I considered important enough to examine in detail. He started, "Every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future." Just consider: if you find a person living out the graceful life of Jesus Christ, ask him his story and you will undoubtedly hear some horrific tales. But look at a drunk on Skid Row and there is nowhere to go but up. Thus, the saint has a past that he may be ashamed, and the sinner has a bright future if only he reaches out to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Let us examine this in more detail.