The Fading of the Flowering Grass

Some people are well off and boast about it. They may be in sin. Others are very poor and hide in the scenery, determined to never be seen. They may also be in sin. What does the Bible say about these living in poverty or wealth? Today’s verse is James 1:9-11:

Trained to Kill

We had just finished our small group discussion of spiritual gifts which included our usual (though slightly abbreviated) prayer session. We prayed for all sorts of matters, one of them being the children. As we closed the study, I headed out to the kitchen where five of the kids were huddled around a small TV in the kitchen.

Driven by the Wind

Small worries often overtake us. As students, we worry about exams, as employees, we worry about job concerns, as parents, we worry about kids, as adults, we worry about aging parents. The list goes on. How should we live our lives? What decisions do we make? Are we making them from faith?

The Struggle Leads to Strength

Read James 1:1-4

First, a little history: This is one of the books that was examined closely during the reformation. Martin Luther initially did not consider it canon because of the emphasis on works. Some people, however, fail to realize that after careful study, it was indeed scripture. John Calvin always considered it inspired, as do we today. What all those works-laden passages mean will be examined when we get to those.

Counting the Cost

Here is a curious little application I have seen to demonstrate a nice passage of scripture. First, a picture: