Sanctification – Of God or Man?

A great debate has occurred in my church with some of the members, it was related to that oh great debate of Predestination!  The conversation quickly moved onto the topic of sanctification.  This is not usually misunderstood (or at least not debated hotly), but it was in this case.  One side of the argument suggested that we have a role in our spiritual growth while the other side of the debate shouted that it is all of God!  So which is it?

Stretch Me, Lord!

Here in America we are too comfortable.  Of course, we as a country have pressed hard for the American Dream, which was loosely defined as having money, at least enough to not have to worry about it, having cars, a house, and 2.5 kids (usually two kids and a dog).  When the World War II veterans returned from the war, the young generation of men who were fighting and women who were keeping the country together seemed to click that life is too short to fight.  That was a correct conclusion to a degree.  The problem was they gave and gave their kids to the point where the kids did not learn much on the maturity and responsibility front. 

Filling the Empty Cup

Change never happens in the absence of conflict, and ministry never occurs in a vacuum.  I recall frequently coming home late from various ministries and being tired and worn out.  Some people are under the impression that if you go out to serve people by talking about God and teaching doctrines, you should become very on fire.  I do not see that in scripture.

Youth are Still Kids, Not Autonomous Adults!

I do a lot of work in the tech field.  I can fix computers, build home networks, write webpages, and do graphic design.  My current day job consists of many of these elements.  I am also expanding my skills (a concept that I think everyone should do), so I was doing a few internet searches for tutorials on doing some specific work on Adobe Illustrator when I encountered a tutorial on how to draw an emo kid.

Keeping Up with the Children

I love working with youth, I have done it for many years, I have worked with over 200 kids by name, seventeen weeks of summer camps, four years of club programs for boys, four weeks of Vacation Bible School, three years of weekly Sunday School, and five years of mentoring in Big Brothers, Big Sisters, plus a few other scattered programs here and there. I know the hearts of kids, and I seem to have an incredible gift of interacting with kids.  I am afraid for the children of the world.  I would like to explain a little bit about why and how I came to write this article.

Once again a book crosses my path that made me think a little bit, and even reflect on my past, contemplate my present, and plan my future.  I read a book on money!  I have read the Christian argument for giving from every possible angle in the Christian circles.  Some people will quote lots of Old Testament passages like Malachi 3:8-12 and other related ones and say that God absolutely commands that you give 10% of your income or else you may not even be a Christian.  Some people say that giving is not even required to live a Christian life.  Like most other doctrines the truth lies somewhere in between these two poles.